Thursday, September 15, 2016

In Rememberence of Simon

Simon fell asleep on Thursday, 1 September 2016. He was the loving feline pet of a family that misses him very much. I remember all the quirky things he used to do. First thing in the morning he would wake me up to feed and water him and let him out in the yard for a little while. I would clean his litter box in the meantime. Then he would sit on the toilet seat while I shaved, brushed my teeth and got a shower. He would then have a drink of water out of my cupped hand. At breakfast time, he would wait for a little taste of milk from the left over granola  cereal, sitting patiently by my side until I was finished. Then he would curl up beside me on the sofa while I did my morning routine on my laptop. So I would sit in the yard for awhile and Simon would curl up beside me on the grass while I enjoyed my garden. After lunch, I would put my glass on the floor and he would drink out of it by using his paw as a ladle.  Then I would let him out the patio door. Next thing I know he's scratching at the front door to come in. I open the front door and he heads straight to the patio door and goes out back again. In the evening I would be sitting in my easy chair reading a book or having some conversation when he would come up in my lap, give me a head bunt for almost a minute then curl up for a little while until got restless. Simon will always be missed and I will remember him fondly as the quirkiest cat I have ever had the privilege to be their staff.

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