Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Good Grief

Grief, a short word, but packed with all kinds of stuff. When we lose our pet, whether through accident, illness or other loss, it can be devastating for the owner, and the family and friends of the owner. For some, the grief can be as strong as losing a child or a spouse because some owners think of their pets as furry little people. Grief for a pet may be difficult for some friends and family to understand but grieving for your pet is normal and expected.
When I lost shadow, my black long haired feline friend, images kept coming to mind of all the things that we used to do together, and the same thing happened when I lost Simon the cat. Sometimes it seemed like they never really left. I would sit or hours and think about all the things these cats used to do. I still think about Muffin from time to time and she took the journey 17 years ago.
We've cared for 18 cats during our marriage of almost 36 years and we are left now with three cats.
Each one of them was and is precious to us.
Now, instead of grieving, we celebrate their memories with fondness and nostalgia. The love we give our pets comes with a price but the cost is rewarding, and the reward is love. God bless!