Sunday, March 8, 2015

Book Review: Cat People

Cat People, A Hilariously Entertaining Look At The World Of Cat Lovers And Their Obsessive Devotion to Their Pets, by Michael Korda and Margaret Korda is entertaining but it was not rolling on the floor, laughing out loud, unable to stand, brain in abandoned overdrive, unable to think hilarious as the subtitle states; although it was funny, and touching, and interesting, and well written. The writing style is full of wit and charm - enough to make me want to buy this book that I borrowed from our wonderful new library on Spring Garden Road. Between the pages are some insightful thoughts about cat lovers in general, the authors and their friends specifically. The authors discuss the behaviors of the cats they've come to know; almost all of them rescues from certain demise. In chapter 8 a diagram of part of their home shows where the different cats they owned made their beds. At the end of the book the authors gave us two chapters that are certainly delightful. Chapter 9 talks to us about cat cloning, bringing animals into restaurants in France and some more stuff international. Chapter 10 gives us a portrayal of a book that was attempted to be published in which the premise consisted of being able to speak cat and have the cat speak back. It was turned down for a reason that I will not give away in this critique. It was not by this author.