Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Visiting Cats

Sometimes cats who have a home somewhere else like to visit us. There are two of these visitors at the time I'm writing this. The strange thing is: our cats get along with them quite well. They don't seem to pose a threat.

One of them we named Friendly because he was so friendly to us and our cats. He came from our new neighbours across the street. We found out his real name was Dusty; an orange and white domestic short hair. Orange cats are known to be saucy, but not this one, he is something else. Today he came into our house, wondered around for a little while, and went right back out. Our cats didn't pay him any heed.

The other one is a pure black domestic long hair. We call him Black Cat. We don't know where he lives, but we know he has a home. He is well fed and well groomed. His coat has no mats, and is as silky smooth as can possibly be. He wonders through our yard two three times a day, stops to say hello, and continues on his merry way. Our cats are a little nervous of him, but seem to tolerate his frequent forays through their territory.

This seems to be unusual behaviour for our four cats - one female and three male; all fixed. I don't really know what gives here, but if I find out I'll out it in a future article.