Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Book Review: Cat World by Desmond Morris

Cat World Copyright Desmond Morris 1996 is a 496 page A to Z Feline Encyclopedia of almost everything interesting, exciting and unique about cats except veteranarian information. I even learned that an ailurophile is a cat lover. The book covers 80 breeds of domestic cat and 36 species of wild cats. The book has so much useful information it is hard to list it all. Every aspect of cat behaviour, every feline term, and famous cat owners are but a few of the bits of information you will glean from this book. I didn't know that Alexander the Great and Napoleon were afraid of cats. Also that Florence Nightengale and Bridget Bardot loved them.
The text includes famous pet cats, fictional cats, legendary cats, important cat owners. Entries on anatomy, behaviour, biology, folklore, history, literature, and art help round out this wonerful work.
The book contains many illustrations and over 150 colour photographs and nearly a thousand entries. This is an indespensible reference for people who are serious about cats.