Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My wife, Trish and I have four cats. We've had many more. For now we have two domestic black and white long hair male neutered cats, an orange short haired male neutered cat, and a gray and white medium length female spayed cat. I hope to share some cat wisdom and some things about all the cats we had to all you cat lovers.

I sat down next to my cat Simon today. He purred as I stroked his head and chin. Nya junped up and started licking him on the back. I right some good bath she was giving him and to all appearances, he was enjoying it. Then much to my astonishment, he hung on to her neck with his sherp teech in a show of hostility. I pulled him off of her and she sauntered away to a chair across the room and curled up in it. Simon stayed beside me; I can't figure out cats. Was he jealous? Was he teritorial? I remember when the shoe was on the other foot. He would be overly friendly with Shadow and then Shadow would light into him with his teeth and walk away. Shadow is gone now but he was one of my favourite cates, so layed back, so gentle, and such a gentleman. Never even scratched me - ever.