Sunday, July 5, 2015

Book Review: Complete Cat Care, DK Books

Complete Cat Care is about how to keep your cat healthy and happy from kittenhood through to old age according to the back cover this comprehensive guide is packed with expert advise on feeding and grooming, exercise, play and understanding cat behavior. Detailed information on feline health helps you to identify problems quickly and provide first aid in an emergency. With expert tips, step-by-step techniques, and handy checklists, this is a perfect reference for every cat lover.
Well, nothing is perfect, except God, but I won't look for errors in this book.
The five sections rounding out this 96 page book are:
1 Your New Cat
2 Everyday Care
3 Your Cat's Health
4 Feline Emergencies
5 Breeding
You'll also find a glossary and an index.

This book is full of colorful, helpful photographs printed on high quality glossy paper. The print is large and clear and the language used is easy to understand by the lay person even though it covers a range of topics concerning veterinary care, feline disorders, reproduction, and behavior; although, the authors do not dumb it down too much.
One lesson in the book that I found hilarious was when the author stated that if a cat became burned you should flood the affected area with cold water for 10 minutes. I don't think that I would possibly be able to do this without looking like I was given a Roman flogging afterwards. My best course of action I'm thinking is to get my furry friend to the animal emergency ASAP.
This book picks up where Cat World by Desmond Morris leaves off and is a great addition to my reference library.