Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Golden Eyed Feline Dreaming

The following is a song I started and someone on the chat room 'I Love Cats' finished.
Used by permission.

If all my cats were gone and the sky was grey,
I would be so lonely on a winter's day
My wife works all day. We're not in LA,
I went for a walk and began to pray.

Golden eyed feline dreaming on such a lonely day.

  • Came across a cat ... (that) I had passed along the way
    He started to walk and talk with me
    On a sunny day ...
    People stared along the street
    As we walked on by
    That cat knew where he was going
    No need to ask him why
    I wondered where he was headed
    Where he would take me
    He showed me some directions
    To help to set me free
    The cats know all the answers
    The cats know what to do
    They know where you need to go
    And what you need too
    Listen to the cats ...
    They will guide you along
    They understand the humans
    And help to keep us strong ...
Golden eyed feline dreaming on such a lonely day

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Comfortable Kitty

Cats are very laid back creatures. They don't try to shape their own world. They just lay back and wait for the world to shape itself to suit them. They communicate very plainly without words. They know exactly what they want and it will come to them by their will. Cats know how to be comfortable and to get us humans to serve them. The cat is a manipulating genius. They are very tranquil and we could learn something from that. A piece of string becomes a wonderful toy dangled from the kitten's servant's skillful hand. Catnip is legal for our feline friends. We have several lost catnip toys under our furniture at any given time. A crumpled up grocery receipt gives a cat endless joy as it plays hockey around the kitchen floor finally making the goal under the electric range. Joys are simple and they give us pleasure quite unwillingly by their very nature.