Monday, October 30, 2017

Missing Teddy

I'm back after a lengthy time of coming to terms with the passing of one our cats, namely Teddy, a strawberry blond orange male. Teddy got sick. He wasn't eating or drinking. My wife took him to one of the vets near us. They put him on an IV, kept him overnight while we prayed for the best. The next day there was no improvement so we waited for the next day. There were small signs of improvement but nothing major. That evening my wife called me from the vet while I was at work. She said that he seemed a little better. I told her that whatever decision she makes will be the right one and that I think she is making the right decision. Next thing I knew she had put him down.
She was devastated. She cried and cried for days until her eyes became inflamed. She had to see an eye doctor and get special drops for her eyes. She already had eye problems - dry eyes, but this was much more. Her eyes are better now.
She found it hard to know if she had made the right decision. I think what helped the most was being able to talk about it. First she talked to me, then her mother, then some church friends, then a kind friend she met while grocery shopping.
She said she wants  a new orange kitten. I don't think that now is a good time. We are thinking about moving from our house to an apartment sometime soon; it may be sooner than later if my back and feet continue to give me pain. Also we are looking after my wife's dad, who is 88 years old, and my dad who is 84. Neither one of them are well and they take a lot of time traveling to nursing homes. Then there is my  mother-in-law who needs some attention. My wife and I both have part time jobs, therefore I don't think we can devote the time to a kitten that it needs. A new kitten could never replace Teddy.
Teddy would curl up beside my wife and rarely leave her side all night. I remember him as full of energy and life. He could jump 4 feet high when he was chasing a string. He loved to go outside into the green belt and be gone for an hour or two. Nobody ever knew where he went, but he always came back for his afternoon nap and his supper. He was the top cat among three at the time of his demise. No one could figure  out why he got sick. There were lots of theories, but nothing concrete. It remains a mystery until this day.
We have happy memories of Teddy and they will be cherished always.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I haven't posted for a while because we're grieving the loss of one of our cats. I'm too close to the situation at the moment to write about it. I will post something soon. His name was Teddy and He's the one pictured at the top of this blog. Please bare with me.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Counting The Cost

When you are considering adopting a new cat. One of the things you have to consider the financial outlay. First of all there is the start-up costs:  food dish, water dish, litter box, needles, kitty litter, and cat food. Then there is the monthly or weekly price of cat food and kitty litter. Then vet bills can run up your expenses. You can expect vet bills with cats so we don't let them be unexpected expenses.

We try to keep our monthly expenses in check by buying cat food in bulk and store it in large sealable boxes. So for our three cats, an 8 kg approx. 18 lb bag lasts our household a little over a month. Another way we have cut back is by buying kitty litter in bulk. A large bag lasts our feline friends for approximately 2 months. All together the monthly bill for food and kitty litter is a little under $100 CAD.

The cost is worth it when our furry critters show us such love. They need us and we need them. Isn't that what love is a about.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cat Fest 2017

On 8th and 9th July, at the Museum of Natural in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the annual Cast Fest was held. Entry was the normal price of admission to the museum. It was a well attended event - the best attendance of three years running. Tables were set up for venders, charities, and give away stuff. There was even a food truck parked outside. I was able to get my hands on a free book, Cat Care 101, which I may review on this blog at a future time. The tables were on the main level and the cats were housed on the lower level. I wanted to take my father-in law from the nearby hospital which is only a short distance away on foot, but we couldn't get a proper wheelchair - one with a belt. It was just as well that we didn't take him, because it would have been nearly impossible to maneuver the wheelchair through the crowds of people, especially on the lower level due to the narrow aisles between displays of cats in their carriers. All the cats were absolutely beautiful. Of special mention were the Bengal cats and a very pretty blue-grey long hair. The cats were being judged while I was there, but that part of it was not very observable at the time. Two improvements could be made: Wider aisles between the cats, and a way to better observe all the judging. Both of the improvements are hindered by the size of the rooms.  All in all, I enjoyed the event very much, and I would like to go back next year. On Sunday, the Cat Fest was having adoptable cats on display. Just as well I missed that, I'm sure. I really don't want another cat at this time.

Monday, May 22, 2017

I take my cat everywhere I go

I take my cat everywhere I go; not literally; just the fur. I quite carefully put on my clean uniform for work and as soon as I have it on; voila, cat fur flies up and clings to it. I quite careful put on my clean clothes for church and when I sit down in the car; voila, cat hair all over me. It's not that we don't try to keep a clean house, but it's next to impossible to clean up all that feline covering that God gave them. One minute after cleaning the loose fur is back.

I challenge someone to design a machine that eliminates cat fur from the air in the house. I love our three little cats, and I won't give them up for the sake of clean. But it would be nice if I didn't look like an overdressed sasquatch when I leave home for work or church in the morning. Maybe I shouldn't care - like the t-shirt says, " CAT HAIR DON'T CARE" and most of the time I don't care about cat hair on my clothes. Just on my uniform and on my suit.

One time I was taking my father to a wedding, when he got out of my car, his backside was covered in cat fur. What a time getting that off him at the church. Oh well, the wedding went off without any trouble and the bride was none the wiser.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Good Grief

Grief, a short word, but packed with all kinds of stuff. When we lose our pet, whether through accident, illness or other loss, it can be devastating for the owner, and the family and friends of the owner. For some, the grief can be as strong as losing a child or a spouse because some owners think of their pets as furry little people. Grief for a pet may be difficult for some friends and family to understand but grieving for your pet is normal and expected.
When I lost shadow, my black long haired feline friend, images kept coming to mind of all the things that we used to do together, and the same thing happened when I lost Simon the cat. Sometimes it seemed like they never really left. I would sit or hours and think about all the things these cats used to do. I still think about Muffin from time to time and she took the journey 17 years ago.
We've cared for 18 cats during our marriage of almost 36 years and we are left now with three cats.
Each one of them was and is precious to us.
Now, instead of grieving, we celebrate their memories with fondness and nostalgia. The love we give our pets comes with a price but the cost is rewarding, and the reward is love. God bless!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cat Drinking Using Paw

Nya means precious one. She was brought home one cold February night a couple of years ago.
She was roaming around an industrial park area for weeks.
People who worked in a nursing home fed her bits of their sandwiches.
She goes gaga over plastic grocery bags.
She is a real smart cat, but overeats.

Nya drinking out of a glass using her paw:

Monday, February 13, 2017

SPCA Tee-shirt

I have a Tee-shirt that my wife bought from the SPCA as a present for me. She also bought them as presents for some other friends and family. The Tee-shirt reads in large white print - "CAT HAIR DON"T CARE". I really like this Tee-shirt. Not only is it comfortable and attractive, the proceeds from the sales went toward animal rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and spay and neuter programs. I also like what the message on the shirt sends to people.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Review of News Article

Christmas Together - Assault Victim, Cat Daisy Reunited
'The Chronicle Herald Mon. Dec. 26, 2016 p A5
I can't believe that this happened in my neck of the woods.
Hannah left her apartment because Daisy was going to be taken from her.
While hitch-hiking she refused to give sexual favours to a truck driver and she was thrown in the ditch with Daisy. Daisy scurried off and Hanna was found later with serious injuries.
While Hanna was recovering from her injuries, someone took Daisy into their home, had her treated at the vets, and kept her until Hanna could be reunited with her. Hanna and her friends prayed continually for Daisy's safety, during her three months in the wild. Hanna never gave up hope for  Daisy. She now has a cat friendly apartment and much needed financial and emotional help from friends.
This is a bad news good news story. The awful things that Hanna was made to go through because of uncaring people and then caring people helping her. Loving people advertised that Daisy was lost, Heather took Daisy into her home and had her treated at the vets, The MP's office and the Library assisted in making and distributing flyers and putting Daisy's picture on social media. Someone notified Hanna about the apartment she so desperately needed. Hanna is still in much pain from the ordeal and needs a walker now to get around.
I have to ask myself: Am I a caring person? I hope so. And God bless all who are. Let God bless you.