Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Purrrfect Companion

When you have a cat, it takes time, patience and understanding of their individual personalities, but their worth it. It's not about who owns who, its a relationship. You're never lonely when you have a cat. They can bring out the laughter from your heart when you thought that it was buried so deep you would never see it again. You can see the wonder in a piece of string or a crumpled up piece of paper along with your kitten. Conversations with your cat are simple body language. You know when they need some morsels, or want to go outside or when they are finished playing or when to give them some space or when they want a cosy lap or a good scratch. It's always on the cats' terms, though. You can't lead a cat, but it's the cats' personality that teaches us so much. We learn to be humble, how to serve, and virtues like patience, love, self control, goodness, forgiveness, and faithfulness are examples. God created cats to teach us many things. Let's be thankful for them and treat them with the love that human race is so capable of giving other species.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Ever try to get a picture of your cat when it looks so cute sleeping in a funny position, or doing something hallarious. It seems that by the time the camera is retreived, the cat has moved or the action is cut. It seems like we should come with built-in cameras so we don't miss those special moments. I don't know how people get such good photos of their cats that are posted on Facebook, email, and internet sites, but they bring much joy to cat lovers of all ages. Happy picture taking.