Friday, July 19, 2013

The Whizzer

        We have an older cat, Nigel, that has started whizzing in odd places: the front hall closet; clothes left on the floor; on my wife's purse; under the set tub. We have two cat boxes that are kept clean for the total of four cats that we have at this time. Nigel is a stray we took in a few years back during a very cold February winter. We managed to find his previous owner during the next summer, but she said that we could keep him, much to the delight of my wife. When we got him, he was declawed. One noticeable trait this cat has, is that he doesn't like to be touched on his back. We find that very strange, because all the other cats we've known like to be stroked.
        About 15 years ago we had a cat named Mario, that my son bought at a flee market for a quarter. When Mario got older, she developed a bladder infection, and would whizz on the sofa instead of the cat box. Once she was treated for the bladder infection, she was okay for a little while, so we took her back to the vet and that was the end of her whizzing on the sofa.
        Nigel, like Mario was very nervous of our other cats. Nigel keeps to himself but likes to cuddle in my lap. One thing I noticed is that he hasn't been cuddly since he started whizzing in odd places. I think a visit to vets is in order to see if his problem is physiological which can be treated. If his problem is psychological, it won't be so easy to treat. Nervous Nigel is a sweet cat and we hope that he will have many healthy days ahead of him.