Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glorious Cats - Book Review

If you like intricate designs, and beautiful paintings of cats, you will love Glorious Cats The Paintings of Lesley Anne Ivory. The paintings of the cats are set on a lavish patchwork background inspired by her extensive experience in fabric design. On the opposing page of each painting she has compiled selections from various authors of poetry and prose, describing in their words all the wonderful things about our furry friends. Authors such as Paul Gallico, Barbara Eskil, and Martha Ostenso give us glimpses into the feline world, and only glimpses they are, because to write everything about cats would take thousands of pages. I find myself drawn to the illustrations as they mesmerize and fascinate me by their intricate yet simple design.

Lesley Anne Ivory was born in Bedfordshire in Great Britain. She studied textile design and typography in Hertfordshire. She is known for her greeting cards that she produced for Oxfam. She also produced a set of animal cards that for the World Wildlife Fund, among many other accomplishments. Lesley writes that cats are glorious creatures - who must on no account be underestimated ... their eyes are fathomless depths of cat world mysteries. She's right.