Friday, January 20, 2017

Review of News Article

Christmas Together - Assault Victim, Cat Daisy Reunited
'The Chronicle Herald Mon. Dec. 26, 2016 p A5
I can't believe that this happened in my neck of the woods.
Hannah left her apartment because Daisy was going to be taken from her.
While hitch-hiking she refused to give sexual favours to a truck driver and she was thrown in the ditch with Daisy. Daisy scurried off and Hanna was found later with serious injuries.
While Hanna was recovering from her injuries, someone took Daisy into their home, had her treated at the vets, and kept her until Hanna could be reunited with her. Hanna and her friends prayed continually for Daisy's safety, during her three months in the wild. Hanna never gave up hope for  Daisy. She now has a cat friendly apartment and much needed financial and emotional help from friends.
This is a bad news good news story. The awful things that Hanna was made to go through because of uncaring people and then caring people helping her. Loving people advertised that Daisy was lost, Heather took Daisy into her home and had her treated at the vets, The MP's office and the Library assisted in making and distributing flyers and putting Daisy's picture on social media. Someone notified Hanna about the apartment she so desperately needed. Hanna is still in much pain from the ordeal and needs a walker now to get around.
I have to ask myself: Am I a caring person? I hope so. And God bless all who are. Let God bless you.