Saturday, December 14, 2013

Book Review: Cat Behavior Answer Book

I've been reading the Cat Behavior Answer Book by Arden Moore. It has really nice illustrations by Matt Ambre. IT's divided up into six parts with each part having many headings that are no longer than two or three pages of script. Each heading has a question and answer format. There are also tidbits of information highlighted in blue that are very useful. I would like to have seen this book  be able to be used in dictionary style, by looking up a cat behaviour that you may be particularly interested in. Part 1 is Feeling Fine about your feline is about the relationship between owner and cat. Part 2 is Chatting with your Cat. It is about how to read your cat's body language and different sounds it makes. Part 3 is Kitty Quirks and Funny Felines, which is about cute and not so cute feline behavior. Part 4 is Thinking Outside the Box. This section is about problems with the litter box. Part 5 is The Basics of Chowing and Grooming. Part 6 is The Ins and Outs of Living with Cats. These last two part titles are self explanatory. This is a good book to help you understand your cat better even if you are a seasoned cat owner or new at the experience. Cats are such a joy, it's hard to believe there could be so many problems, but each cat is different and each one posses different challenges. A cat is not going to fit into any mold you make for it. They are their own person.
I just want to wish my readers a Meowee Christmas and a very purry new year.