Monday, December 7, 2015

Helping Strays

Strays are almost everywhere, and really, they are not happy campers. Cats have been bred to depend on people, live with people, and serve people.

What do you do if you see a lost cat near the road as you're heading to that important appointment? Do you stop to help and end up with expensive bills and a new pet? Do you just drive by and risk feeling bad? What if there is a stray roaming your neighborhood. Do you feed it? Do you bring it in? Do you do the catch and release procedure? Do you try to find a new home for it? Do you try to find its original owner? What if you already have enough pets occupying your accommodations?

These and many other questions are answered in a book by Diane Carey, How to Help Stray Pets and Not Get Stuck. After reading this inspiring book, I was struck by her simplicity, faithfulness, love, devotion, wisdom, and strength that she teaches her children, her readers, and her friends by rescuing strays of all kinds. She goes through: how to be prepared, how to be safe, proving safety for the pet, should you try to find the owner, finding the right home, how to discipline cats, charging adoption fees to cover expenses, helping ferals, spay and neuter, how rescuing a pet changes you, and many other topics of discussion. A must read book for cat lovers and even dog lovers. Thank you, Diane.