Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fear of Cats

We had a friend - past on now, dear soul, who was afraid of cats. When she visited us, we had to keep the cats away from her.  The scientific name for this condition is Ailurophobia. She was afraid of the razor blades on the little fur ball's paws. She didn't like the way the cats stared at her. She didn't even want a cat to touch her. It seemed to me to be totally irrational, but for someone with the phobia, it is very real. The best thing to do is to be understanding and compassionate towards these people and don't try to change them or force cats upon them. If they really want to, they can seek help from a therapist. This is an area for the qualified. And, don't forget to pray for the person you know who is afraid of cats: God just may release his healing power.