Saturday, July 30, 2016


Everyone probably has  a dictionary in their house - at least one. I have several - almost a hundred. I have sailor terms, mechanical terms, scientific terms, dictionaries of philosophy, psychology, guitars, origins of words, 50,001 baby names, 2 letter words - the list goes on. I enjoy collecting them as much as I like looking up interesting bits of information that I may be able to use in my writing or conversations.
The name for one of our cats came from the 50,001 Best Baby Names by Dianne Stafford. We called her Nya which means precious one. Turns out;  according to a friend of mine, nya is meow in Japanese. That was a funny coincidence.
One of my favorite dictionaries in my collection is Learn All The 2-Letter Scrabble Words by Tyler Indiana. I thought that giving a cat a name that was only two letters long would be cool. So here are a few examples: Yo, Oy, Lo, Ma, Pa, Ab, Al, Be, Za, Ed, Pi, Ba, Jo, Da....... You get the idea.
Whether you give your cat a two letter name or a 22 letter name, have fun naming your new cat, and a dictionary sometimes helps. Let God bless you.........and your feline friend.