Monday, October 10, 2016

I Love Cats

I Love Cats. That's why I include them in all of my fictional stories published on Amazon Kindle. I am  a cat person because I like their independence. Our feline masters aren't as demanding as dogs. Cats are more aloof, and self reliant. You don't necessarily have to take them for walks, they don't ruin your lawn, and they are very clean. They don't mind being left alone for most of a day once in a while and all their requirements are: a clean litter box; a well balanced diet, a bowl of water, some exercise, and cuddling.

In my memoir, Two Feral Waifs, cats are rescued by me and my family.
Sandy, in Theory of Sevens, owns cats but they don't play a part in the story.
Jerome in Fire Escape rescues a cat from a rooftop, as a fun little side plot diversion.

When I write another work of fiction, it will include a cat in the story somehow - I promise.
I recently finished Bible Promises - A Compilation, that includes Jesus, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. My next book is an Inspirational Devotional that may take me a couple of years to complete, with the title to be announced.

So be blessed, keep loving your pets, be a blessing, and love God.