Thursday, February 11, 2016

Positive Reinforcement

As a parent you may know the value of positive reinforcement, and responsible dog owners can usually be described in this manner too. Our feline house pets also respond well to positive reinforcement.  Cats for some reason liked to be talked to like you would talk to a baby. Giving your pet cat a gentle scratch on the back while saying, "You're so sweet my little baby pussy cat." saying the cat's name a couple of times "My little sweetie; you're my baby." Cats love that stuff even though they know nothing about Valentine's Day. They understand food too. A little tasty cat nibble will go a long ways. Be careful you don't give positive reinforcement for a bad behaviour. Case in point is when one our cats would do anything to get let outside using a bad behaviour such as scratching my leg, or when another one of our cats would knock stuff off of the dresser in order to get us out of bed. Getting out of bed reinforces the bad behaviour. But maybe the cat was trying to correct what it considered a bad behaviour. Have a happy Valentines Day.

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