Monday, January 11, 2016

Feline Discipline

Now I don't have to tell many of you that the discipline of cats is a touchy subject considering all the abuse that is directed their way, but discipline is a must in certain circumstances and must be exercised swiftly and calmly. A gentle swat is all that is required for the feline pets to get the message and they wont hate you for it. In fact, in a little while they will be cozying right up to you again. Cats understand the gentle swat as discipline because our furry friends have been doing that to each other for thousands of years. Just watch your cat get irritated by another one of your per cats and its the gentle swat. Notice no harm is done and the offender understands the situation very well.

There may be situations when discipline is required such as: urinating or defecating on the floor, scratching furniture, digging in the plant pots, attacking other pets, or other behavioural problems. The message you give through the gentle swat must be loud and clear. The cat in question needs to know why it's being swatted.  Don't wait too long after the incident or they will have no idea. Take the cat to the scene of the crime where you will make the cat understand that this is the problem. This may have to be repeated several times for it to sink in. Then before you know it, the cat has moved he offensive behaviour to another location.

Make sure you have proper scratching pads or posts in the house, enough clean litter boxes, place brightly colored pebbles on top of the soil in your plants, and above all provide lots of affection and patience, and your house will be a happy home for everyone.

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