Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Claws Claws Claws Claws

No doubt about it: cats have claws. Cats with claws can destroy thousands of dollars worth of furniture, not to mention what they can do to your arms and legs. But, I am in the camp where I think our feline friends should keep that part of their anatomy. We let our cats out almost every day, so I think they need protection and territory sustaining ability. One our cats was declawed by a previous owner before we rescued him from a very cold winter a few years back. He is very timid and afraid of our other cats. I wonder if it is because of his lack of claws on his front paws.

One solution we found that works to some degree is that we bought furniture made from micro fiber. Our cats seem to hate to stick their claws into it. We recently visited a local furniture store to buy a new chair but they told us that not much of their stuff is made from micro fiber any more. We did find one piece, but my wife didn't like the color.

Another possible solution that I came across while visiting a pet store was these little plastic boots that just go over the claws. I don't know if they would stay on very well, but it may offer a solution to someone who wants to investigate further.

It is always prudent to have your cat's claws cut once every four months. I say four months because you can put it on your calendar at the beginning a each season to remember it easily. You can do it yourself with a pair of reasonably priced feline nail clippers, or for a modest charge the vet will do it. The vet may even do it as a free service while you are having a regular veterinary visit.

So, if you and claws can get along, God bless you; if not, de-clawing is an option and God will still bless you.

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