Monday, June 16, 2014

Viral Felines

The Internet is not only the information highway, it's fast becoming the major source of entertainment for many people. Many surfers of the web have found a favourite past time in watching the antics of cats. I read of a cat that had a perfect black moustache called Stash. The owners put him on U-tube hoping that their pet would go viral. I didn't hear anything so I guess he didn't make the grade. You can't force a cat to go viral on the web. It is so hard to get shots of your cat doing those fantastic things that they are famous for. After all, they are not paid actors. Try calling your cat to come to you. "Yeah, take a number and I'll get back to you." We had a cat once named Mario. She was named after the character in the Super Mario game because she had a moustache. She used to fetch balls and drop them at your feet. That was before the days of U-tube and video camera in every one's phone. How the times have changed. Our entertainment is more on a personal level even though we seem to be getting less social in person. So meet a friend in person, have a cup of coffee and talk about whatever especially cats.

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