Thursday, August 29, 2013

Book Review: Urban Tigers Two (More Tales of a Cat Vet)

Urban Tigers Two by Kathy Chisholm is definitely better written, with more emotion, fewer similes and more tidbits about Halifax than her first book, Urban Tigers. The stories are told in the narrative voice just like her first book but with more gusto this time. She doesn't hold back any punches and in two of her chapters she reminds us that our sins will find us out; even if she steps on the church's toes in doing so, which is so popular to do these days much to my dismay. Kathy Chisholm is the owner of Tuxedo Stan who was nominated for a candidate to run as Mayor of Halifax to raise awareness of the stray and feral feline problem in our neighbourhoods. I was disappointed when he wasn't on the ballot. This book is a must read for cat lovers, and if you haven't read her first book, no problem her books can be read independently of each other. Her first book is still available and I recommend both of them. I'm going to buy them for Christmas presents. I look forward to her third installment and wish Kathy the very best in her writing career.

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