Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review: Urban Tigers (Tales of a Cat Vet)

Urban Tigers (Tales of a Cat Vet) is a fascinating collection of stories written by Kathy Chisholm. She owns Tuxedo Stan a black and white long haired cat who's name was advertised for Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality during a municipal election to raise awareness of the feral feline problem in the city. This information is not included in the book but the stories are brilliantly written, albeit with an over use of similes. Sometimes the stories are belly laughing funny and sometimes I was trying to hold back the tears from the heart rending accounts. I recommend this book to any cat lover who loves to read. You can find this book in paperback or Kindle edition at Amazon. I'm now reading the sequel: Urban Tigers Two (More Tales of Cat Vet). I'll post my thoughts on that at a later date. I look forward to more from Kathy and wish her the best with her writing endeavours.

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