Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bloody Tussle

Recently our cat, Nigel, got in a scrap with another cat, or least we think it was a cat. The vet said that the bite marks were too small for a raccoon. Three raccoons were spotted that morning near our home. Nigel was really beat up. He could hardly walk. There were wounds an his tail, his back, his belly and both hind legs. He required 10 stitches, pain killers, antibiotics, and lots of rest. He had to be fed soft cat food exclusively because his anise needed stitches too. It took him 2 weeks to recover from the ordeal. He needed a special cream to put on his wounds every day. He oozed blood for a week all over a special blanket we used for the purpose. All this was going on while we were remodeling our house. Not so purrrfect timing in that way.
This begs the question that is asked over and over. Should we let the cats outside? And the answer is - Yes.  How would you like to not be able to go outside? A house becomes a cage. A home becomes a trap. We all need to connect with the outdoor environment and cats are no different.

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