Friday, June 14, 2013


After 18 months of retirement from the Canadian public service, I went to work for a manufacturing company. When I come home from work, Simon greets me at the door with his tail held high. After I grab a drink from the fridge I go to my easy chair where Simon immediately jumps into my lap and purrs and purrs while he expects me to stroke him. After he has had sufficient petting, he goes up on the back of my chair and lays down at which point I retrieve my laptop and return to my chair. While I'm surfing or typing or listening, he goes to sleep and snores. He's the only cat I've ever seen that snores; in fact, as I type this, Simon is keeping the back of my neck warm on the back of my easy chair.

I wonder what makes him snore. His snoring is very loud. When we go to bed at night, he sleeps on the bed with us and snores. It doesn't bother my sleep, but it is a concern because he's an old cat (about 16 years old), and we wonder what causes it. I wonder if it`s rare for cats to snore. He`s lived a long time (for a cat) and I love him and want him to be comfortable. Cats love to be cozy.

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