Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Feral Waifs

Lost cats seem to be wondering our green belt, forlorn and in need of attention. Some of them are hungry, dirty, matted, cold, wet, and lonely. There always seems to be a golden eyed feline ready for a rescue. That's what happened one autumn around the turn of the 21st century. My wife named them Sunny and Starr. Sunny was a short haired grey tabby and Starr was a short haired black cat with a patch of white on its breast and a tip of white on one toe, hence the name Starr. They were certainly feral cats and they had a hard time warming up to us. When we rescued these two ferals, we also got a long haired black stray cat to boot. We named him Shadow. We tried to find their homes but to no avail. I wrote a short story, about 4000 words, that I published on Kindle that I titled 'Two Feral Waifs' about how we rescued these three cats. I hope you get to enjoy it.

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