Monday, August 6, 2012

Winter 2012

In February, there was a little grey and white female cat hanging around a nursing home and a hospital near an industrial park where my wife works. She brought her home in a box covered by another box. The cat was surviving on handouts from people who were good enough to share tuna fish sandwitches and the like. When my wife opened the bo,x the little cat hid in a corner in the basement for several days only coming out to eat, drink and use the cat box. At the time, we had three other cats and the orange one in particular thought it would be good to put this cat in its place. We looked through a book of 5001 names and came up with the name Nya, meaning precious one. The next step was to get Nya to the vets for de-worming and needles. It was a job to get her into the cat carrier because she didn't like being picked up. She would squirm and wiggle with claws cutting into flesh, but we managed it. Fast forward to August and she's getting along with the three other cats and eating more than they are all put together. She goes out but stays close to home and comes in when she's called. She's a beautiful cat who came to us on the heels of Shadow who was put down for cancer a few days before she arrived. She doesn't replace shadow, but she reminds me of him because of the timing.

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